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What is Becky's Schedule of Cool Music Stuff?

Becky's Schedule of Cool Music Stuff is a grassroots sharing of original live music information. It provides a utility for people to schedule live music into their lives.

How did the schedule get its start?

Becky's Schedule of Cool Music Stuff was born from an e-mail to a friend. We were trying to figure out what shows we wanted to see, where we could see them and when. One night I created a calendar on my computer to keep track. I soon found that there was a lot of shows we wanted to see. The schedule helped us arrange our lives around live music. I thought some other people might enjoy the schedule too. I e-mailed it out to a few friends, who sent it out to a few friends, and then I started getting requests for it. I also started keeping an eye out for people who I thought would enjoy it.

When was it started?

The first monthly mailing was sent in May of 1997.  The website was launched in August of 1997.

Who is Becky?

I'm just a really big fan of high quality, original live music.  I want to share it with everyone who will appreciate it.  :)

How are you different from other websites that list bands' tourdates?

The fact that I've seen a live performance by every one of the bands I list, sets me apart from the other website listings. I don't list just any band. You have to not only be talented, but also fun, energetic, and passionate about what you are doing up on stage. The bands listed on Becky's Schedule of Cool Music Stuff are highly recommended by me. I'm telling you "these bands put on a great live show - go see them!"

Why don't you set the tour schedules up in a database?

When Becky's Schedule of Cool Music Stuff (BSOCMS) was first started, in early 1997, it was just shows my best friend and I wanted to try to catch, while we were touring with Phish. After awhile we started keeping track of all the shows we wanted to try to see, even if they were far away. During this time several of our other friends wanted to get in on this simple listing I was doing. So I sent it to them too. It started to grow a little bit and I started adding ALL the tour dates for each of the bands I Loved, not just the dates we were going to attend. It kept growing, so I decided to put up the website. That was August 1997. BSOCMS became a tool for not only the traveling music lover, but also for bands, booking agents, venues, and promoters. They could easily see who was playing where on each day, which works great when you are trying to route your band through a town or book gigs for your club.

I stay close to the original idea of listing dates for the bands that I love, in a very similar format. There are plenty of places to get bands' tour dates, in a database format. But the bands you'll find on BSOCMS are guaranteed to give you a great live performance - I've personally seen all of them. And if you are traveling around, you can look at each day and plan your route accordingly.

How does a band get on your schedule?

The bands are chosen based on their live performance.  I go to a lot of shows, and I get to see a lot of bands, so chances are, I'll get to see everyone eventually.  If I dig what the band is doing, then I just might put them on the schedule.

If you are opening for a band that is regularly listed on the schedule, I will add your band to that specific date.

What about festivals?

I list those festivals that feature any of the regularly listed bands on Becky's Schedule of Cool Music Stuff (to see the list, click here). I also list festivals that are hemp related benefits.

Why don't you have (band name here) on your schedule?

In most cases, I haven't seen them at all, or enough of them to make a fair judgment.  In other cases, a band still needs some time to grow musically.

Where do you go to see bands?

I live in Morgantown, WV, so I see a good deal of shows around here.  But I also travel around to see bands. I'll usually go wherever the best live music is.

How do I order CDs from your website?

You can order from Homegrown Music Network or Amazon. Or click on "Buy Music" from the menu at the top of this page to see what exciting CDs are available.   **When you order CDs from any of the links above, it helps to support Becky's Schedule of Cool Music Stuff.

Does anybody help you?

I compile all of the information myself.  My best friend Walt helps design the site. And I get lots of info and tips from bands and music lovers, as well. :)

How DO I subscribe?

Just send an e-mail to Coolmusicstuff-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or click here!
*Please note, this is a Moderated Group, so you will never get any Spam.*

How do I unsubscribe?

Send an e-mail to Coolmusicstuff-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

Will my name be sold or shared with other parties?

Absolutely not! I will not rent, sell, or otherwise distribute any personal information.  That just wouldn't be right.  :)

Why should I subscribe?

Because you'll get the schedule first, before anyone else!  This schedule is monthly and is e-mailed out to subscribers on the 25th of each month. The new month's schedule doesn't get posted to the website until the first day of the month. For example, the June 2006 issue is e-mailed out to subscribers on May 25th, 2006 and is posted to the website on June 1st, 2006.  (Be sure to check the website throughout the month for frequent updates.)

Why are some listings on the website Blue?

The Blue indicates listings that were added or updated after the schedule was sent out to subscribers.

How do I see your MySpace page?

Just click here:

Why do you have the Hemp Ribbon on your page?

To remind people to think about the positive uses of industrial hemp and medicinal marijuana.

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