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News from Becky's Schedule of Cool Music Stuff (October 25, 2007)

Thank you for all the nice comments and notes you sent last month while I was on Vacation. My husband and I took a road trip through various parts of New England - it was Wonderful and Relaxing! I had lots of time to think about the future plans for Cool Music Stuff.

Though it makes me sad to end this part of my life, I have come to a decision to cease publication of Becky's Schedule of Cool Music Stuff's monthly newsletter.

I was just 22 in 1997. In trying to schedule my life around live music, BSOCMS was born. Shows make me so happy that I found a way to share it with everyone. It seems like another lifetime and I never thought I would still be doing this 10 years later.

Before I go, I want to say Thank you for all the Support, great Music, new People, and wonderful Friends I've met along the way.

I can't possibly thank everyone who's been important to me, but I wanted to mention some special people and memories (in no particular order).

Walt Sarkees - Thank you for designing CoolMusicStuff.com and for teaching me HTML. Thank you for introducing me to Phish (and jambands in general); without you there would be none of this. And most importantly, Thank You for being my friend, my brother, and my show buddy. I Love Ya, Man! :)

Lee Crumpton & Homegrown Music Network - Thank you for your endless support, for your friendship, and for being an exceptional resource for music fans.

Andy Gadiel - Thank you for being the first one to help me get Becky's Schedule of Cool Music Stuff on the web for everyone to see, for letting me use your office when I travelled, and for paving the way for Phish heads to have a presence on the web.

Oteil & Kofi Burbridge - Thank you for giving me some of the best memories I'll ever have, hanging out in the kitchen at the old Middle East in Philly.

Richard Battaglia - Thank you for keeping me updated on the Flecktones and for always sending me a kind word or two.

Tim & Junipa Walther - Thank you for introducing me to so much wonderful music, for teaching me how festivals work, and for funding some of my Phish tours.

Marcie Vogel-Frahm - Thank you for your smiling face and wonderful hugs.

Lee Abraham - Thank you for being the first person to interview me, and for letting me stay at your house in Ocean Beach.

Jeff Zakim - Thank you for making sure I get to hear every Blue Note release.

Disco Biscuits - Thank you for handing me a flyer for your Middle East show in Philly back in 1996.

Andy Bernstein (Pharmer's Almanac & Tour Extra) - Thank you for putting Becky's Schedule of Cool Music Stuff in the Almanac, and for including the schedule and link in all those Tour Extras!

John & Susan Scofield - Thank you for being so Cool and Welcoming.

Rev. Jeff Mosier - Thank you for checking to make sure I was still alive.

Gordon Stone - Thank you for being there from the beginning.

Toni Brown (Relix) - Thank you for always making sure www.CoolMusicStuff.com was included somewhere in the magazine.

Jim Donovan of Rusted Root - Thank you for always making sure I had updated information. You're an inspiration musically and spiritually.

Jazz Mandolin Project - Thank you for being there from the beginning, and for always sending me the most updated information.

Christy Articola (Surrender to the Flow) - Thank you for having a cool publication and for always including the Becky's Schedule of Cool Music Stuff section.

Rhoni Sampson - Thank you for making sure that everyone always knows about EVERY show in your immediate vicinity.

The Recipe - Thank you for introducing me to life on the road with a band.

KC and her Chuckwagon - Thank you for always keeping our bellies full with yummy veggie food.

Bearly Edible - Thank you for having the best grilled cheeses ever!

Todd Levy - Thank you for all the fun memories. We all still miss you.

John D'Aquila (Tipitina's) - Thank you for having Amazing shows and for inviting me to come see them!

Love Seed Mama Jump - Thank you for the great parties.

Beth the Philly hippie - Thank you for always making me feel like home in any town I saw you.

The Person (or People) who places huge orders at Homegrown using my referral link - Thank you for supporting Cool Music Stuff!

I also want to Thank:
All the Friends I made on the road
All the Bands for their Music
All the Fans for their Passion.

I will leave the site up - I know a lot of you use the archives for show labeling and what not. I might add some things of interest from time to time, so feel free to check back. I'm not going away for good. There are more things to come from me. I have a copy of the mailing list, so when I start my Blog, I'll let you all know!

Send me an email anytime and keep letting me know about Shows and new Bands!

I'm also on myspace - send me a friend request. www.myspace.com/CoolMusicStuff

Enjoy the shows!

Becky :)
Becky's Schedule of Cool Music Stuff

Cool Music
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If you buy any music using these links a small portion of your
payment goes to keeping this site and mailing list going! Thanks! :)
Bela Fleck "Live Art" (2 live CDs). This two-disc set features live performances spanning a four-year period, with several guest appearances: Bruce Hornsby, Branford Marsalis, Chick Corea. Several never-before-recorded songs appear here as well as fan favorites, making this a well-rounded, enjoyable collection for any Fleck fan. Get it from Homegrown!

The Avett Brothers "The Second Gleam" CD. Featuring six tracks, this is the second in The Avett Brothers' The Gleam EP series. This installment sings to the uncommon senses of the common man and walks calmly and powerfully among fragile and hard-learned themes of life and song. The simplicity of The Gleam series showcases the brothers' true talent for writing songs that speak straight to the heart. Get it from Homegrown!

John Scofield "Bump" CD. The follow up to the acclaimed ""A Go-Go"" CD features Chris Wood (MMW), Mark Di Gliantoni (formerly of Soul Coughing), Eric Kalb and Johnny Durkin (Deep Banana Blackout), and a CD full of new Scofield material! Get it from Homegrown!
Asylum Street Spankers "Re-Assembly" DVD. This release commemorates the 10th anniversary of the Asylum Street Spankers with a reunion of 21 of the Austin, Texas group's former and current members, including Wammo, Christina Marrs, Stanley Smith, and Guy Forsyth. Taped during two memorable performances in August of 2004, the program features three hours of concert footage, including 29 of the band's unique songs, which combine folk, country, blues, and rock into a happy and irresistible mess of noise. Get it from Homegrown!
The Greyboy Allstars "A Town Called Earth" CD. The Greyboys borrow funk's urgent rhythms, jazz's sophisticated improvisation, and the polished, easy-flowing groove of soul. "Fred Wesley's glowing recommendation of the Greyboy Allstars--contained in the liner notes, is enough reason for a sound-unheard purchase. Get it from Homegrown!
Norah Jones "Live In New Orleans" DVD. This 67 minute DVD captures Norah Jones and her band in an intimate setting at the House Of Blues in New Orleans, LA. Recorded August 24, 2002. Get it from Homegrown!
Old Crow Medicine Show "Tennessee Pusher" CD. The album offers a virtual American road trip, populated with characters that span a century of the South. Down and outers, hustlers, junkies and freighthoppers are just a few of the archetypes we meet along the way as OCMS continues to create their special blend of American roots, rock, blues and country music. Get it from Homegrown!

Gordon Stone is one of the most overlooked and underrated musicians on the planet. His banjo talents have graced records like Phish's Rift and Mike Gordon's Inside In, and he has produced many albums of his own compositions. With bassist Aram Bedrosian and Mike Barnett on fiddle, Stone shows he's still exploring with dynamic melodic compositions and danceable, funk-inspired grooves. Get it from Homegrown!

Medeski Martin & Wood "Friday Afternoon in the Universe" CD. A consummate MMW disc....this one covers the whole range, from spacy excursions to pounding jazz funk to just plain wierd. Arguably their best work ever! Get it from Homegrown!
Keller Williams "Laugh" CD. Keller Williams has always had the unexplainable need to make listeners grin, smile, and LAUGH. With his sixth CD release, Keller perfectly exhibits his playful spirit without diminishing his musical genius and technical expertise. Offering fifteen dynamic songs, LAUGH is a truly inspired album by one of today's most gifted and understated musicians. Get it from Homegrown!
The Disco Biscuits "The Wind At Four To Fly" (2 live CDs). The Wind At Four To Fly could be the best officially-released representation of the power of The Disco Biscuits. Expansive and appealing, this 2-CD set catches the band at their best - performing live. Recorded at a handful of shows just after drummer Sam Altman announced he was leaving the band, the music captured here displays the band's vigorous, inspired playing in the wake of the announcement. Get it from Homegrown!
Soulive "Break Out" CD. The record is a mix of ripping instrumentals and soulful collaborations featuring special guests Corey Glover, Chaka Khan, Ivan Neville, Robert Randolph and Reggie Watts. This one fairly oozes gritty soul swagger and fluent instrumental fireworks! Get it from Homegrown!

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Touring the country takes an environmental toll on the planet: exhaust from buses, selling merchandise, powering venues. Artists like Gomez, Guster, Hot Buttered Rum, O.A.R., and several others are doing their part to
tune up their tours.

Together with CLIF Bar GreenNotes, these bands are making things a little greener by driving biodiesel buses, buying carbon dioxide offsets, selling organic cotton Ts, and making other eco-friendly choices.
Go here for more info: http://www.clifgreennotes.com/

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